• Anti-slip mat

    Anti-slip mats on the roll are ideal for large-area use and in case of variable length requirements like with coil transports or covering a freight vehicle's loading space.
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  • Anti-slip mat

    Anti-slip mat strips are predominantly used for pallet transports, coil transports and many different kinds of small unit transports.
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  • Anti-slip mat

    Anti-slip mat pads are especially suited for punctual use, like pallet transports or for spreading them on flat surfaced goods like steel or concrete plates.
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Certificated and tested safety

Anti-slip mats are indispensable for freight safety. We produce anti-slip mats on request in all dimensions as cuts, strips, plates or rolls in different thicknesses and qualities. Anti-slip mats are an inexpensive and relieable way of professional freight protection. Their slip resistance reduces the force needed when lashing the freight. Toghether with the fitting packing and other adequate safety precautions like tension belts, edge protection etc. anti-slip mats are an essential part of your freight’s safety. Anti-slip mats make your vehicle and your freight a tight fit.



Economically efficient safety

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Economical benefits of anti-slip mats compared to other materials used for freight safety are:

  • reduced loading time through easier handling
  • multiple usage is possible because of the extended lifespan
  • reduced damaging of vehicles and freight